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Banana Slugs do their yin-yang thing

Last you heard from me I was dead set on becoming an Oregon duck.
But guess what? I’ve actually committed to UC Santa Cruz! I’m going to be a banana slug! Trust me, the mascot is a lot cuter than the actual slug!

The trip went great! I have to admit, I had my doubts about it when we were making the 8 hour long drive from hell (LA traffic is the devil), but boy was I wrong about it! What an underrated school!

First of all, the campus is basically 2,000 acres of pure beauty. Part of it is in the middle of a freaking red wood forest! Walking through those magestic trees in the afternoon Santa Cruz mist is an experience like no other. It almost has a campsite feel to it.The school itself is quite pretty as well, and the set up is very unique which I found intriguing.

Basically, your freshman year you have to affiliate yourself with one of ten colleges. Each college has a different style housing and a theme. You choose which college you’d like to be associated with based on location, aesthetics, and whatever theme you connect with the most because you’re required to take a core writing class based on said theme freshman year. I really like that idea, because it basically creates a smaller group for you to fit in with within the giant school. Since I’ve been living in the same small town and attending the same tiny schools my whole life, I know going to such a huge university is going to be quite a shock, and I really appreciate their efforts on creating more close knit communities to make everyone feel at home.

Also, there is the money issue. Santa Cruz will give me in-state tuition, plus some military perks from my dad. Those things combined and hopefully some scholarship money will ultimately make Santa Cruz much much much cheaper than Oregon. I hate that money is such a large deciding factor, but that’s reality and I think it’s only for the best that I stay in California to avoid debt as much as possible.

I’m still undecided on my major, but I’m not too worried right now. My plan is to take a wide variety of classes and mingle with people, which will hopefully spark something inside me. I feel like these days people expect us to have all of our shit together, but honestly, I’m not even eighteen years old yet and even if I was, I don’t believe eighteen year olds are always capable of deciding their entire future anyway. Not to offended any clear minded eighteen year olds, because I know there are many people my age who have the rest of their lives planned out and I completely respect their goals and aspirations, but I am a big believer in the unpredictability of life. I’ve experienced it firsthand as well as witnessing others experiencing it, and I feel that especially now it is impractical to close your mind to one specific path because of the fluidity of nature and life.

So with an open mind and a whole lot of excitement and nerves I prepare for the finale of my high school career. Now that I know where I’m going I feel a bit more confident and a lot more sick of tedious high school work. Luckily I’ve been pretty in control of my senioritis so far; hopefully I can persevere through graduation. Wish me luck!


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